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VAT Margin Scheme Reinstated For Used Car Dealerships in Northern Ireland


The UK government has confirmed that the VAT Margin Scheme will be reinstated for used car dealerships in Northern Ireland, a move that has been welcomed across the industry. Yesterday’s announcement comes after an intense lobbying campaign from independent used car dealerships, local MPs, and the NFDA (National Franchised Dealer Association). Following our significant lobbying efforts, it...

Save Hours Every Week By Automatically Posting Your Vehicles To Facebook


After a huge effort from our team, we’re excited to announce that our latest release containing a suite of automated Facebook publishing features is finally here! Time is scarce for most independent used car dealers. That’s why we have spent months carefully building a set of features to save you hours every single week by taking care of that manual, repetitive process of posting your...

Spending Too Much Time Posting to Facebook?


Today marks an exciting day for all Carlover MyDealer customers. Our much-anticipated automated social media publisher for Facebook is set to be released on Monday 28th September 2020. We’ve been working hard building and testing this latest feature based on feedback and steer from you, our customers. We understand the immense value that a Facebook presence can bring to a used car...

Used Car Market: Will it get back to normal?


We are all feeling a bit uncertain at the minute and wondering what the used car market is going to do over the coming weeks and months. I attended a few webinars over the past week and can say the feeling I got from these were positive. Market Trend in Sale Prices From the data below you can see the uncertainty directly affecting used car prices caused by Covid-19. Prices across the country went...

Sell more cars on Facebook marketplace using these stats


Facebook Marketplace is undoubtably one of the most exciting and fastest growing classifieds in the world (right after our own of course!). It has one of the largest audiences that exists on social media and is a brilliant way to advertise your stock to a mass audience. So, what vehicles are the most attractive to buyers on Facebook Marketplace? Well, it just so happens that we’ve done the...

Carlover is growing!


Today I wanted to give you an update on our progress and growth here at Carlover. As you will know, starting a business at the best of times is a challenging experience. Combined with the huge uncertainly that COVID-19 has brought upon the world has made this journey more difficult. That said, we’ve persevered and managed to not only sustain our business but actually grow it. This success is down...



We hope you are all continuing to stay safe. This weeks announcement comes from David Henderson on COVID-19, getting back to business again and how we’re continuing to help our customers.

UPDATE: It has now been announced that car dealerships in Northern Ireland can open as of the 8th June 2020. A great milestone for the motor trade here.

Soon to expire driving licenses to be extended


It has been announced that motorists in Northern Ireland whose driving licences are set to expire are set to have an extension for seven months. The extension applies to those licenses with an expiry date between February and August of this year. Unfortunately, this extension does not apply to taxi drivers as they are not covered by the EU driving licence directive. It was announced by...

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